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I enjoyed the Shawn/Bo/Philip stuff and the way Shawn wanted to just get Philip in trouble but ended up doing what Philip knew he would have to do...say that Belle was involved. Good scenes.

I also loved the Hope/Belle stuff. I liked the Patrick reference and Belle reminding Hope no one is perfect. Hope is a little too quick to always assume Belle slept with Philip, like when Bo told her about the gun. They both just assumed she slept with him. Nice seeing Claire and hearing about her making a mess with cookies. Good scenes.

Marlena/Roman was alright. Roman is acting weird still to me. I don't know if JT is being told to play it like that or not but he seems like he has a motive lately or something.

Lucas and Kate was good. It looks like he did do it. Loved the flashback and his mentioning the smirk on Stefano's face. I like these two scheming together again and the setup for his leaving was nicely done.

I LOVED Sami today. She was in rare form and the show will have to do alot to get me to like Ejamia now. He was terrible today. Another ultimatum? I was so glad Sami called him on it and it looks like she finally lets loose tomorrow. I should also say I like Lumi but I also recognize the potential of Ejami so this is not a biased opinion. Just general observations and my opinion.

Not bad today. It's been a decent week.
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