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Phoenix, I have been thinking that Roman has some motive since around John's death. <_< I know he has never gotten over Marlena, but he sure is going out of his way to "protect" her with the evidence. Think he is trying to score a few points to get Marlena back.

I enjoy scenes with Philip and Shawn. Shawn didn't have to say Philip was helping for Belle. Belle is probably the only person in time who actually thinks Philip does things out of the goodness of his heart, so it was pretty easy for Bo to figure out.

I do have to say even though I completely agree that Belle did something wrong in sleeping with Philip. I'm sorry but when did Hope become the moral police in Salem...judge, jury and executioner. And she really bothered me at the end there when Belle saw Shawn and Bo talking. Sorry, Hope was being total bitch there. Again, what Belle did is wrong, but I am really bothered by both Bo and Hope thinking it is okay to let the lie continue while constantly putting Belle down. Hell, she isn't "perfect". Well their son isn't either and nobody is.
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