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Jinxed Soul
Dec 21 2007, 12:54 AM
I loved Belle's spunk. Yes she has made many mistakes, but I agree that it didn't seem Hope was going to give her any support ever. Hope needs to butt out and let them work out their problems, and let Shawn fail and be sad if need be. I'm gad she finally stood up to her!!

Hope is reminding more and more of Kate. Shawn has MORE THAN his share of mess ups in his relationship with Belle, yet Belle screws up once and Hope is ready for her to go to h***. Not in anyway giving Belle a pass on what she did, but Hope is being extremely harsh on her. Kate manipulated the situations to get Belle to marry Philip and keep her married to him. Hope is getting pretty close to doing the same thing. Hope needs to tell her son the truth and let HIM deal with it. If HE wants to try and make his marriage work with Belle after the truth comes out that is HIS decision and not Hope's. And I don't think Shawn would appreciate that his parents know this secret and are not sharing it with him.

Liked the Belle spunk, but she needs tells the truth and deal with the consequences. If she wants to try and make things work with Philip, she needs to take that spunk and tell Philip to "not let the door hit him on the way out". If she wants Philip, then she needs to take that spunk and tell Shawn she made a mistake and use that spunk to develop a divorced couple relationship with Shawn where they work together to raise Claire.
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