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Sexy Jew

Dec 22 2007, 01:18 PM
I just realized that I absolutely love the later versions of GL's "My Guiding Light." That's quintessential 80s/early 90s party music, right there.

Haha I like it too, after listening to the song and watching the opening, one can really end up liking it after some time.

Only one thing about DAYS should be updated and that's the music. I loved the rare opening during the Melaswen storyline. It was practically a full orchestra. Something like that or, as Steve mentioned, something jazzy. Adding pictures just seems pointless when 1) every show that does it can't be bothered to update it consistently and 2) it sets DAYS apart from other soaps. I do like JP's suggestion of adding mainstays in, but even that could tricky in today's soap environment.

I agree we should go back to the Melaswen theme. No changes to the opening sequence itself is needed IMO. It's a classic and it sets DAYS apart from the other soaps too.

The short used "Melaswen" theme was grand and majestic. Loved the full orchestra. Did anyone catch the mid show bumper one? It was the sound of a orchestra warming up. Very clever. I hope ES dusts off this theme and decides to use it again.

I hope once 2007 is over, GL will ditch that God-awful 70th Anniversary "opening" of theirs, because it is just bad. It makes the scrolling letters look like Hold on to Love in comparison, LoL.

:lol: Mason!

Ah yes I remember everytime I heard those power drums start up, with the cheaply produced floating scenes, I would think to myself "Guiding Light must be on!".

GL's current opening reminds me of a bad antibacterial commercial.
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