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Something that irks me is how everything's so animated and cartoonish in the current openings. All of the important symbols are fake. AMC's photo album is CGI, the .5-second shot of GH's hospital is CGI, DAYS's hourglass is CGI, the previous GL opening's lighthouse was CGI. Okay, yes, I know that most of the openings have been mainly computer-generated since the early 1990s, but still, I don't see the need for it. Imagine the gorgeous openings of the past that weren't animated...OLTL's sunrise/clouds opening from the early 1980s, GH's ambulance/hospital opening...GL's two lighthouse openings from the early 1970s. They would look ridiculous in computer-generated format.

I'd love it if the soaps all redid their openings at the same time and blatantly ripped off past openings, maybe changing some music up. An update of OLTL's 1984-1992 opening would be awesome. It utilized headshots without being overly flashy. All you got was headshots of the characters superimposed over shots of Llanview. AMC could so totally go back to the 2002-2004 opening, even if it was CGI too.

And the music for some shows is just atrocious. All of ABC's themes suck. I'm not a fan of ATWT's theme, but it's okay. B&B is good, Y&R is excellent, of course. DAYS should go back to the Melaswen theme. The theme GL used before the 70th anniversary was good, too.

ATWT could so marry their video-globe opening with the old nature opening. They could put either headshots or clips inside the letters of the title.
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