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Dec 28 2007, 06:25 PM
Looks like great acting and wonderful to see Marlena, Bo and Hope looking so good.

Of course, Shawn and Belle will be eating their words soon.  They are so wrong for each other.

Jean, I have to agree with you. They were right for each other when they were younger, but since they've aged there is something missing between them. I really want to see Nadia and Brandon together. Someone posted here at DR that during Brandon and Nadia's scenes they felt Brandon truly adores her, I felt that too. I'm not really rooting for Shawn/Chloe at this point, but there are definite sparks between them. I also love Martha with JKJ, they are hot together. I've never felt any true chemisty between Brandon and Martha, and I know it's not for lack of trying. They seem forced and uneasy, as if they know they have to make it work. Maybe a breather between them will make Shelle stronger. I feel the dynamics of this quad could take quite a turn and we may get some new rooting couples out of it.
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