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Thanks for posting, Angie!

Dec 28 2007, 09:23 PM
Dec 28 2007, 09:16 PM
I am a huge fan of shawn and belle and i believe the are perfect for each other and please do me favor dont excited about shawn and chloe that is not going to happen there is no way the are going to be a romantic couple and i believe shawn and belle are going to get back together and be family with claire. and i also believe that brandon and martha have awesome chemistry together.

Are you talking to me? I'm Jonatha and I posted I don't think Martha and Brandon have much, if any, chemistry between them. That's my opinion and I understand and appreciate your opinion. That's how it works. Got it? Thanks.

I completely agree with you, Jonatha. :)

I've never really seen/felt any chemistry whatsoever between Martha Madison and Brandon Beemer. Like you said before, they always came off really forced and uneasy together. Blech. Hopefully, Shawn asking Belle for a divorce means the writers recognize that Shelle just doesn't have "it" anymore. It's past time to let them go their separate ways. sry2say, bad writing plus BB's acting (JMHO ;)) have effectively ruined the character of Shawn D. for me, so I am pretty indifferent about where he goes next. Maybe he'd be good with Chloe. I don't know. However, I would love it if Belle and Philip got back together. :wub: MM and JKJ have such awesome, natural chemistry. Ever since the night they were caught in a storm on Philip's boat with Claire, I've loved their scenes together. Not just the ones in Shawn and Belle's room above the Brady Pub or in the suite at the airport hotel or in Philip's office either, but damn... Those scenes were hot as hell. More please! Posted Image

Uh, anyway... I'm glad Belle is finally going to break down and tell Shawn about her roll in the hay with Philip. He had a right to know. I wonder how long it's gonna take for him to figure out that Bo and Hope (and Kayla and Steve and Marlena and Fauxman and... LMAO) have known about Belle and Philip's tryst for quite some time now. Will Hope actually come right out and tell him she knew Belle and Philip had sex—in the bed he shared with Belle, no less—yet allowed him to remain in the dark about it all this time? :o LOL He's gonna shit a brick! :lol:
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