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I mentioned the climactic confrontation between Lillian and Maureen in another thread, so I thought I would direct everyone to the Youtube clip. The quality leaves a bit to be desired, but the wonderful performance by Ellen Parker still shines through.

I'll begin with some background. In 1992, Lillian and Ed grew closer as Lil fought breast cancer. The growing feelings between the two culminated in a one night stand in October. Afterwards, Lillian wanted to continue things, but Ed refused, regretting the decision to be unfaithful to his wife (again).

At Christmas, Lillian wrote Ed a note appologizing to him. She slipped it between some packages. However, in the holiday bustle, the note fell in between the countertop and refrigerator. While cleaning up, Mo found the letter and that is where this scene begins.

Unfortunately, the creator disabled emedding, but here is the link...

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