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CBS is airing a special winter edition of Big Brother, which premieres on Tuesday, February 12th. It will air three times a week on Tuesdays (at 9pm), Wednesdays (at 8pm) and on Sundays (at 8pm).

For those who've never seen the show before, here's the premise: a group of fourteen complete strangers move into a house where they're cut off from the outside world. No televisions, no radios, no telephones, no newspapers... nothing. They're completely cut off from the rest of civilization. Each week, they compete in a competition to win the title of "Head of Household," or 'HoH' for short. Whoever wins HoH then nominates two of their fellow houseguests to be evicted from the Big Brother home. From there, the rest of the house votes and one of those two nominees is then evicted live on CBS. The game continues like this week by week until there are only two people left. From there, all of the evicted houseguests return for the LIVE finale to vote for a winner, and whoever is chosen will win a hefty prize of $500,000.
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