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Jan 2 2008, 05:18 PM
I hope the show won't have enough time to conjure up any stupid twists. LOL.

I don't want to see any twists with the contestants; I want to see twists with the GAME. Like...

- an Ultimate Power of Veto that can be used once by the winner any time up until the final six.
- POV winners picking their replacement nominee.
- Two POV winners in a week.
- Two HOH's
- Three Nomination's
- An Inviction
- Letting America Vote Someone Off One Week
- Letting America Pick HOH one Week

There's like a million good twists, and BB always picks bad ones. LOL.

I love the inviction idea....as well as having America vote out one person and have America decide who gets the PoV one week. They should add an extra hint on U.K. BB with a bit more public involvment in certain spots. They did two HoHs in BB7, correct?, so maybe they'll bring it back.
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