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Jan 6 2008, 02:27 AM
I don't get the episode 203 thing. That sounds JUICY! Any speculation on the star? What the ep. was about?! :o

A storyline I had NOT written in a script with my name on it [presumably episode 203], was greeted by the despair of one of our stars.” Even though this storyline was “vetted and probed by all execs… as well as the producer in charge of the transition [here Baitz most likely refers to Berlanti], I was instantly and inexplicably asked to step back entirely…”

This was the first episode written by Baitz since Season one episode 15 "Love is Difficult" My guess of the star is either Belthazer Getty or Sarah Jane Morris. For me if felt out of character for her to take the baby and up and leave Tommy. Then Tommy starting to fall for Lena. IMO Tommy would have never cheated on Julia.


"History Repeating"
Prod Code: 203
Season: 2
First Aired: Sunday October 14, 2007
Writer: Jon Robin Baitz
Director: Matt Shakman

Justin is in pain, both from the injuries and the fact that Kevin is preparing a soothing bubble bath for him, complete with candles and relaxation music. The family gathers downstairs to discuss Justin, and Nora thinks her former addict son should take drugs to manage the pain. On the campaign trail, the Senator is learning that his bitter ex-wife is going on Larry King Live. At work, Saul is giving Tommy some marriage advice, because the wise old man knows exactly where this Lena storyline is going.

Nora is trying to convince Rebecca to talk to Justin about taking the drugs. This show needs to come up with a better role for VanCamp's character than as a mediator between Justin and Nora, because her talents deserve better. Justin and Rebecca go out for lunch, and when the check comes, a leg pain hits Justin and he collapses. She gets him back home, then Nora yells at Rebecca for taking him out without his wheelchair. Nora quickly backtracks, breaking down while trying to find out who to blame because she's trying to wrestle with the "why" of the situation. Justin eventually takes the drugs.

Kitty suggests the Senator talk to his ex-wife to prevent any potential scandals arising from her interview. She makes some valid points about how he was never there, and thankfully the show avoided making her a completely horrible person. Kitty sits down with the ex-wife, who explains that this is all about her reclaiming her own identity,which was overshadowed by her husband's career. Kitty simply informs her that the nanny is prepared to tell her story, which would go along with the Senator's. Ex-wife Courtney calls off the interview.

Scotty is back in Kevin's life, and in need of a lawyer. He was pulled over for a broken tail light and busted for a DUI, but he's claiming the cop was homophobic. Kevin takes about one minute to show off his mad law skillz and get the case dismissed due to an uncalibrated breathalizer. Scotty thanks him and offers to take Kevin out to a fancy restaurant. The two have dinner in the kitchen of the restaurant. It turns out Scotty is putting himself through chef school and won an internship as the high-scale restaurant's apprentice sous chef. When Scotty goes in for the kiss, Kevin stops it because of his Malaysian minister boyfriend Jason.

Julia's parents are visiting their granddaughter, and Tommy sees them as more of an imposition, which is hilarious considering the family he comes from. Tommy, flanked by Saul, agrees to go golfing with Julia's dad. The Walkers don't like Tommy's father-in-law at all, and after a brief blow-up, Julia's postpartum depression is brought up, and her dad threatens to take her and Lizzie back home to take care of her, since Tommy clearly can't. Julia thinks this is a good idea, because she still blames Tommy for the fact that Lizzie's twin brother William died in the hospital. Tommy talks it out with Saul, who dispenses some more wise advice about letting her grieve in her own way. Once she leaves, Lena calls up Tommy for a daily update, which turns into obvious foreshadowing of that inevitable affair.

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