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Jan 6 2008, 10:09 AM
The article can't be copied and pasted so read it at the link below and comment in this thread.... :crown:

Y&R Best & Worst Article

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Aww yes the time of year the diva enjoys is making it’s way with leaps and bounds. The elegant parties, the champagne and out of this world dishes and the time spend with friends new and old…..New Years. The diva loves the glitz and the glam of this wonderful evening. But what the diva enjoys more is the fact that we can look back, reflect and reminisce on all the things that have happened in our lives during the past year both good and bad. 

We can then say goodbye to all of those things and ring in a brand new year with excitement, hope and anticipation. My dears it is no different in the world of daytime.  As every year, SoapTown USA takes a moment and reflects back on the best and worst on our daytime shows and this year is no different.
So who earned the Best and Worst Couple awards in Genoa City? What did the diva think was the most preposterous plot and the most shocking plot twists to occur? Well read on and find out the answers to these questions and much, much more.

Best Couple: Michael Baldwin and Lauren Fenmore

Ever since the writers chose to test the waters with a pairing between Lauren Fenmore and Michael Baldwin, the diva has been glad they did. Yes these two originally conspired and commiserated with one another over former loves, Paul Williams and Christine Blair but what they did not expect was to find love with one another.

I chose Michael and Lauren as this year’s best couple, because unlike many other soap couples these two actually seem to get the gist of what marriage is supposed to be like.  They’ve battled off the wall family members, psychos, the kidnapping of their infant son, the Clear Springs disaster and yet these two seem to only have eyes for one another. I am finally glad to see daytime getting it right with their couples for a change. Just because your married and have a child does not mean you have to be boring. Nor does it mean that when you have a disagreement, you hope into bed with a former lover or whomever is within eyesight. 

Here is hoping that 2008 is a FANTASTIC  year for the Baldwin’s (one of which will give them a front burner story too) and that unlike so many others in daytime, they will continue to have a REAL marriage.

Honorable mentions: Jack and Sharon Abbott

I love the fact that 2 people who have seemingly been hurt by their former loves, finally seem to have found a little bit of happiness with one another.  Here is hoping these two will continue to work on through their problems and get their marriage back on track. 
Worst Couple: Lily Winters and Daniel Romalotti

I never really understood why the show chose to pair these two with one another to begin with. Khalil and Grazidei had no chemistry whatsoever and a pairing between Lily and Daniel was just odd. I for one am glad that these two are no longer together and are moving into other people’s orbits. Here is hoping that 2008 will be another year that these two will be apart.

Honorable Mentions: Adrian Korbel and Colleen Carlton

Okay this couple is just meh, especially since the NuColleen was cast in the role. I had hard time getting behind this couple to begin with, especially the whole teacher/student thing. I say pair Korbel up with a lady his own age and see what can happen. Amber Moore and Cane Chancellor- What started out as a scheme turned into love for these two, and left me scratching my head as to why. I do hope they keep them as friends, but I would like to see Amber move on with Daniel and Cane move forward with Lily. 

Most Tortured Couple: Phyllis Summers and Nicholas Newman

It does not help when your mother in law is ready to throw the book at you, as Phyllis quickly figured out. After a quickie and non legit wedding the first time around, Phyllis and Nick had hoped to marry and be one big happy family with Summer and the rest of the Newman clan. That was until Phyllis was arrested on her wedding day to Nick for blackmailing Brad Carlton thanks to mother-in-law, Nikki.

Then their was that pesky plane crash that left an amnesiac Nick presumed dead and Phyllis a single mama once again. Once Nick was announced alive, he did not remember Phyllis, their love or their daughter Summer. Just when they thought they got their marriage back on track, Phyllis served time in jail for blackmailing Brad and Nick shared a kiss with former wife Sharon. 

What is in store for 2008? A better year for this couple, I hope. 

Honorable mention: JT and Victoria

Technically these 2 have only been a couple since the summer, but in their short time together they could earn second place for being one of Genoa City’s most tortured couples. Ever since ending things with Colleen, JT has pined for Victoria from a distance, only to have her go running back to then hubby Brad
Carlton. Once she finally admitted she was done with Brad, did the horizontal mambo with JT and discovered she was expecting his child, this couple won a soft spot in the heart of fans.  Now during what should be a special time in their life, JT is wondering whether or not he and Victoria will be a family with little Reed. Here is hoping 2008 is the best year ever for this family. 

Best Love Triangle: Lauren/Michael/Paul

Okay so technically this was not a LOVE triangle, but it could be considered a triangle. You have 2 people, Lauren and Paul who were once married to one another and have always been there for one another no matter what. Add another person, Michael into the mix and you have a triangle. Even though Michael and Lauren are happily married, she will always have and somewhat rely on Paul to be her knight in shining armor, as evident when they were trapped together during the Clear Springs Explosion.
Will 2008 be the year that Y&R decides to explore this triangle….errr I mean friendship between all three. 

Worst Triangle: Nikki/Victor/David

Okay so we are expected to believe that after overcoming so many obstacles to reunite, Nikki Newman would just throw her marriage to Victor in the toilet?Yes he did not support Nikki’s desire to run for the vacant senate seat, but conflict happens all the time in marriage. Nikki had never laid eyes on David Chow before and yet she starts a romance with him and ends her marriage to Victor, the father of her 2 children…….WHATEVER? I would’ve had a better time accepting and believing a triangle involving Nikki and Victor had Jack been the 3rd part of the triangle. Now that would’ve been a triangle I would’ve loved to see again!

Most Entertaining Character: Amber Moore

Even though I did not like her pairing with Cane, you’ve got to admit that Amber Moore is one of the more entertaining characters currently residing in Genoa City.  Whether it is her quirky fashion sense or off the wall phrases that make you laugh, even when she pulls her shenanigans we find ourselves pulling for the character to come out on top at times. Maybe it is the fact that she wants the better life, works and plots to get it, only to be thrown back behind the 8 ball once again.  I am glad that Adrienne Frantz is back on daytime and here is hoping she will continue to entertain us for years to come.
Now if we could just get Amber to belt out a few tunes at Neil’s club….

Most Boring Character: Lily Winters

Maybe it is the fact that after experiencing Davetta Sherwood in the role, something about Christel Khalil’s Lily comes across, well…..FLAT! Lily is the daughter of Drucilla, so my question is where is her spunk and fire?  Surely, Drucilla passed along those characteristics to her daughter…right.  Give Lily back that spunk and fire (we saw it with Sherwood playing the role) and let her get a back bone.

Honorable Mention: Detective Maggie

Other than being Paul’s lady of the moment and being a detective, we really know nothing about this character. Send her on a shopping spree and fashion consultation with Lauren, delve into the character and give her a storyline!

Best Recast: Ted Shackleford as Jeff

No I have not lost my marbles and I know that Ted Shackleford’s new character is not a recast of a current character, but Shackleford is a recast.  Fans were in an uproar when Shackelford was fired and his character Will was seemingly killed off.  It was that outcry that got Shackelford recast, this time as Will’s brother Jeff.  Let’s hope Jeff sticks around for a while and this time, dallies with the lovely Jill Abbott. 

Worst Recast: Tammin Sursok as Colleen Carlton

I would like to know what LML and Sony were thinking when they hired Sursok for the role of Colleen. First of all, Adrianne Leon was doing a fine job in the role and her firing and the reasons behind it still have me HOT, HOT, HOT. Sursok is unbelievable as the daughter of Don Diamont and Beth Maitland and has no chemistry with anyone on the show. I think it is time that Leon is brought back to the role and Sursok hop the first plane back to the Land Down Under.
Most Shocking Plot Twist: Ji Min’s Death

Yes my dears, along with my sisters I gasped an Oh My Goodness when it was revealed that Ji Min was going to die. This was one plot twist that came from way out of left field.  Not only was Eric Steinberg a fan favorite, but his pairing with Jess Walton’s Jill sizzled!  This is one character that I hope does come back from the dead, because he met his maker WAY to early.
Most Preposterous Storyline: Sheila is Pheila

I was getting excited when I heard the whispers and read that the evil Sheila Carter was about to return to Genoa City.  Ooooo how I could definitely enjoy seeing another Lauren and Sheila feud, besides what lengths would Michael go through to keep his wife and new son safe from the nutty nurse. What could’ve been an exciting storyline, filled with lots of emotion and entertainment ended up flopping before it really took off. We knew that Sheila would never die, even though Lauren and Michael were lead to believe she did.  What we never expected was that Sheila would have taken over the face and body of sultry red head Phyllis Summers, in order to sneak her way back into Genoa City.

Would it have been to much to ask the writers to have Sheila living Phyllis’ life, getting close to Michael and Lauren, while imprisoning the real Phyllis in Paul’s cage. How long would it take everyone to catch on to Pheila? If Sheila does return in 2008, here is hoping that it is once again in the form of Kimberlin Brown.

Honorable Mention: Jana has a brain tumor

It appears as if LML took a page from All My Children or at least consulted with former AMC head writer Megan McTavish when it came to this storyline. The viewers over at AMC did not forget Jonathan’s misdeeds after the brain tumor was cut out, and the viewers at Y&R are not going to forget Jana’s either……Try again.

Biggest Waste of Talent: Doug Davidson as Paul Williams

For someone who was devoted and gave his all to this show, they sure are treating Doug Davidson poorly. It has been what the late 90’s or early 2000’s that Davidson’s character Paul Williams has even had a storyline? Davidson has shown time and time again that he can handle any major storyline the writers want to throw his way and still they waste his talents in some of the year’s top stories.
Now that Paul’s daughter Heather is back in town and his former love (and Heather’s mom) April (in the form of Rebecca Staab) is about to hit town, here is hoping that Davidson being wasted is about to come to an end.

Honorable mentions: Patty Weaver as Gina Romalotti

So we are expected to believe and accept that Gina stays at her restaurant 24/7 only to be seen during the holidays?  Weaver showed that she could handle meaty storylines during the 80’s and 90’s. Besides, her nephew Daniel and former sister in law, Phyllis are still in town….shouldn’t she be a voice of reason in their lives? Nia Peeples as Karen-What do we really know about Karen, other than she was hired as Nikki’s campaign manager? I am probably in the minority, but I am one viewer who is digging the Karen/Neil pairing… I just wish we knew more about the character of Karen and that Peeples had her own storyline. 
Best Breakup: Nikki and Victor Newman

Even though this is the umpteenth time these two characters have broken up, this time it was just as dirty and vengeful as all the others.  Victor hated that Nikki would overshadow him by challenging Jack for the vacant Senate seat, and Nikki hated the fact that Victor would not support her endeavor especially when she stood by him on countless occasions.

Well after her kiss and romance with David Chow became public, Victor had enough ammunition to go after his estranged wife. Little did he know that his part in the Clear Springs project could ruin his family. Now Victor and Nikki are battling over comatose daughter Victoria and her son Reed. It should be an interesting holiday season and an interesting 2008 in the Newman house hold.

Worst Breakup: Lily and Daniel Romalotti

Daniel’s secrets and addictions were revealed, princess Lily had a tough time dealing with it….end of marriage and end of this pairing. 

Best Story: Will she or won’t she live

One of the best storylines to come out of the Clear Springs disaster was the one revolving around Victoria Newman and her unborn child. The question remained whether or not she or her child would end up living or dying. This story provided some PHENOMENAL acting from Melody Thomas Scott, Thad Luckinbill, Eric Braden, and Joshua Morrow. The outcome of this story will definitely provide some amazing and emotional scenes to come throughout the New Year. 

Worst Story: Clear Springs/Out of the Ashes

I wish this storyline had stayed in the ashes rather than rising out of them. I understand the preface behind LML’s thinking and soap opera disasters are a great way to trim an overly large cast and shake up pairings and storylines, but this one left me hoping it would end and end quickly. 
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