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Hello, soap fans!

We are glad you have joined us at Daytime Royalty. Some of you are probably asking... "Daytime Royalty? What is this place!?" Well, here's your answer!

Soap forums are not what they used to be, are they? We, personally, have felt a void lately when it comes to our online soap-dishing needs! We miss the soap forums that have a sense of community, a sense of fun, a sense of friendship, uncensored discussion and above all, a sense of family.

That is why we have created "The DR." Our soaps have given us hell over the years! They recycle the same writers, the same producers, the same tired plots. They've backburnered, fired, and/or killed our vets. They've bombarded us with newbies. They've discounted our opinions. They've run OUR shows into the ground.

Few things are more satisfying than being a soap fan and finding a community where every poster is like a family member that you can't wait to rush home and dish the dirt with! That is what we hope Daytime Royalty will be for you. So, take a little time to kick back, relax, and indulge in our motto...

"Talk about soaps and have fun doing it!"
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