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From Canadian TV Guide:

-Rebecca senses Gwen has a new love in her life.

-The blackmailer asks Sheridan to kill Theresa.

-Kay accidentally unleashes a pack of demons on Harmony.

-Sheridan is possessed by a demon

.Fancy and Sheridan try to uncover the blackmailer's identity


-Kay's spell causes an earthquake at Tabby's house.

-Jared warns Ethan to stay away from Theresa.

-Spike digs a grave and plans to bury Jessica alive.

-Kay casts a spell to find Jessica and end up releasing the demon elf.

-Fancy and Sheridan discover the Blackmailer has killed a doctor.

-Julian realizes he might have been better off staying with Ivy.

-Gwen returns to Harmony.

-Kay makes a deal with the demon elf in order to find and help Jessica.

-Ivy and Julian find their way back to one another

-Jessica panics when she realizes she and her baby are going to die.

-Valerie tells Eve that her son wants to meet with her and Julian

-Sheridan makes a deal with the blackmailer in order to get Luis back.
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