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Week of June 18
Ric wants Logan to work as his mole.
Nikolas suspects the worst of Jerry.
Lulu gains greater insight to Logan.
Jax puts Carly's trust to the test.
Tracy is carted off to Shadybrook.
Cant' Miss - Fri June 22 - Kate aims to derail tabloid rumors of a romance with Sonny.

Week of June 25
Sam learns the shocking truth about Amelia.
Carly finds herself the center of Jerry's attention.
Jake's kidnapping grows more complicated


Lucky's suspicions about Jake's disappearance send Liz running into Jason's arms this week on GH.
"Jason's pretty much the only person Liz wants to talk to," explains Rebecca Herbst. "Lucky and the rest of the police force think Liz is dealing with postpartum depression and might have done something with Jake. Jason is the only one who believes Liz had nothing to do with it."

Lucky spies Jason consoling Liz and isn't too happy. Tensions rise when Lucky and Liz return home and he accuses her of being a negligent mother. "Liz is hurt," sniffs RH. "She can't believe Lucky thinks she would do something to her son. Then, her hurt turns into anger, especially because she's getting more support from Jason."

Liz grows even more distraught when a drunken Sam pays her a visit. "Sam keeps saying how she understands Liz's grief, because she lost a child," notes RH. "Liz tells Sam that her son is not dead. But Sam is so jealous of Liz being friends with Jason and having the one thing she can't give him that she keeps going on about how they're both the same now. Finally, Liz kicks Sam out of the house."

Later, Lucky and Liz have cause for hope when they're summoned to the station about a baby found at a day-care center. "When Liz realizes it's not Jake, her whole world crashes down," admits RH. "She looks at Jason, who's standing there, and wants to run into his arms."

Lucky can't help but notice and accuses Liz of believing in Jason more than him. Too bad Liz can't deny it.

"Lucky's been wasting time questioning Liz and blaming her for what's happened," huffs RH. "He's also let his jealousy of Jason get in the way of finding Jake. But Jason has all his men out there looking for Jake. Liz knows he'll do everything he can to bring her son home."
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