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Some Tidbits for the week of June 18th.....

- This week heavily revolves around the kidnapping of the future great Jake Martin Spencer [Morgan].

- Expect some scenes between Tracy, Edward, Lainey and Ghost Alan. Tracy's actions cause her to be forced to spend some time at Shadybrook. Let's just say she doesn't make things any easier once she gets there... Dillon promises to come through for his mother (though I doubt it). I hope this is comical, Jane does great comedy.

- Sonny & Kate are on Monday, Thursday & Friday. That doesn't mean they don't appear any other day throughout the week.

- SCRUBS are NOT listed for the week of the 18th. :swear:

- On Thursday, June 21, A drunken Sam causes a scene while visiting Elizabeth, who promptly throws the bitch out. Sam then heads off to find Lucky at the PCPD....

- On Friday, June 22, Sonny toys with Kate when she wants him to put a kibosh on the rumors of a romance between the two of them.
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