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AMC: Great opening. It really does work for them well. I hate the part where they fall from the sky tho. However i loved the one before the current one much more, with the a;bum turning pages and the moving pictures.

ATWT: has this show ever had a good opening? no. i dont think so.

BB: The updated opening is good, however it is kinda dark IMHO. and also i hate the actor and char names, it should only be the actor.

Days: Its great, its classic, it works. however an update with the hourglass that then zooms in and shows couples/chars would be great, esp if they used shots like the ones from soapnet. but just show hobo, marjohn, patchkayla, sami, shellip, maggie/alice. then pull back out to the hourglass and of course keeps mac's words.

GH: I actually like it. i fi nd it workds well for the theme and tone of the show. my only problem is the updates are obvious.

GL: awful. horris. the worst opening i ever seen in my life to anything, ever. who thought something could be worse than G-U-I-D-I-N-G-L-I-G-H-T?

OLTL: i dont like it, and idk why. because i like amc and gh's. i just dont think oltl fits with the opening it has.

YR: the best opening, but in massive need of updates and new orders.

my fave soap openings both came from AW. the late 90's and early 90's ones that used a mix of stages shots and screengrabs with the bright neon colors and made to look like pantings. and the one after it with a much more updated mix feel of urben and upper west side city.
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