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Theres so many aspects of this set of spoilers that disappoint me.

First of all, Chelsea was so into Nick when she needed help with her calculus homework, and a job at the hospital. Then, the interest began to fade. Later, she needed evidence destroyed, and at about the same time, magically she was falling for Nick again. Again, the feelings were going away soon after. Not long after, she was close to being caught for messing with the evidence, and surprisingly she was right back with Nick. NOW, she's realizing she's not into Nick yet again?? What a shocker! :o :o

The baby story was either very predictable or fans like myself are genius! I for one know, I have been thinking that's exactly what was gonna happen from basically the day she got pregnant. BUT, I do love the idea! This should make for an interesting storyline. I got an idea... they should now clone Sami - one for Lucas and one for EJ. :lol:

Jett and Chelsea might be hooking up :o. I would've never guessed :blink:

Don't get me wrong, I love Days, but sometimes its just soo predictable. I imagine other soaps are the same way too, but this is just my personal rant. :)
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