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This is, by far, my favorite wedding of John and Marlena. Everyone looked so lovely, and it's wonderful to see some old faces (Mickey, Eric, Greta, Laura, etc.) in the crowd behind the wedding party.

My favorite part of the wedding, when John and Marlena hand out the flowers that represent each of their children. Each flower truly represented Belle, Brady, Sami, Eric and Carrie, and their true character, outside of out-of-character moments that were induced by plot-driven storylines. It was just beautifully written.

And this is what pissed me off when JER returned in 2003. Sami did forgive John, a long time ago. She forgave him for the affair and breaking up her family. She matured a lot, as you can see in this clip. But once JER came back, it was like none of that happened and Sami still hated John. :blah:
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