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Gray Bunny
Jun 15 2007, 12:06 AM
Sadly, I have not seen much of Maison Blanche, certainly not in sequential order. How did you get the DVD's?

I myself recently shelled out $110.00 to get all 12 DVD's of Marlena's Possession (yes, Kenny, the same ones you got!). I originally got 5 tapes of the possession storyline back in 1997, but these DVD's have even *more* of the storyline... and I'm lovin' it! Better quality & sound too!

Hey Tim

I got it from one of the sites, coincidentally that Kenny gave us a link to LOL. Maybe we can do a trade or something. I am interested in the posession ones.

I have 3/4 of the posession SL tapes from the exact same site. But I was looking for the beginning episodes as well... I'm not sure if I have them LOL i haven't watched these tapes in over a year, but I want the one where the desecrator was revealed as Marlena (before we knew she was posessed) and stuff, and the christmas tree goes down. I think the rest of the SL is pretty much available.

Oh and you have Aremid?? Do you have a lot of the Lady in White stuff??
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