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This whole ask for a job thing is so obviously about showing Chelsea still in stalker mode. Since Kate gets sick and it's necessary for Daniel to be her Doctor, why do that? Why have her visiting her grandfather to see him, she gets a call about Kate and heads to the hospital? Wouldn't that make more sense and not let her look so pathetic? Don't get me wrong, I'd still be bitching that appears all of Chelsea's family must get sick so that Daniel can treat them, but at least Chelsea wouldn't look so immature. Also, I still feel way more chemistry between Daniel and Kate then I ever do with him and Chelsea. He and Kate LOOK like a couple where as when Chan stand next to each other, it just looks like a kid next to an adult.

I really do like the Nicole/Ava friendship. I don't like Nicole being all about telling Ava she'll find love someday, I like the idea of Nicole being cynical and more into believing love to be overstated. But it is nice to see the show use a friendship on the show to express how a character feels, such as Ava interested in John. Instead of giving us flashback after flashback.

Speaking of flashbacks, please no more Sub sex flashbacks. It was bad enough we had a chantasy today.

re: Max. I think DB does not do well with confrontation scenes. ANd spare me watching him act like a jerk around his friends. I wish the would have let him leave so I could get more Nick/Stephanie time. That said, that one scene where Max said, "I said no" would be an opportune time for us to bring up how Stephanie's other relationship with jerk Jeremy as Max is now acting fairly like Jeremy to some degree. But the show won't dare bring that up.
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