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Jun 9 2008, 02:20 PM
Oh, that's hilarious....and disgusting, but hilarious.

Seriously, what was the point of the rabid munching of the faces? It was so awkward to watch, cause there is nothing hot or hopelessly romantic about rabid face munching. "Yeah, lets just rabbitscrew right here where any number of my family members could walk in at any moment creating some fantastic KiDinner conversations later tonight." Chelsea needs some better fantasies, preferably ones withOUT Daniel.

Victor! I gotta say, I think it's cute how much he shows concern for his family. With Chelsea and trying to get her a job (even if it is contrived as HELL), and Kate with her freakass stomach pains....it's nice to see that side of him every once in a while.

Kate, girlfriend, nice shoes. Daniel did look really worried when she came up to him....I saw him shoot her a few looks while he was feeling her up as well, so if wanting Kate/Daniel is wrong, then I don't want to be right. The chemistry is there and that's all I care about right now.

Speaking of chemistry, I'm still loving Ejole.

Jawn/Hope cracked me up. I know a lot are grossed out by the sub sex, but I had to laugh at how pervy Jawn was being about it. Him all snickering in that low. deep. growl. voice he has, I felt bad for Hope! I'd be totally creeped out that he was all getting off on it, lol. Ew, let it go bro.

Nicole and Ava are oodles of fun, but I thought those random guys being there was a bit stupid. Really stupid....and watching them "dance" was amusing. I'm not surprised the least bit that Nicole was supportive of Jawn/Ava, and just the mere fact that Nicole referred to his wife as St. Marlena made me all giddy inside.

Max is a freaking snap case. That's about all I can say. Although Nick's slightly bitchy "I wanna do it right now, excuse me" was worth watching those entire scenes. Is Stephanie dead yet? I'm sorry, I've just had enough of her and Max, and their "relationship".

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