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I know its not a popular pairing, but I loved Jope, and I loved the mention today. Granted, Hope looked either turned on by him mentioning it or REALLY creeped out by him, but in the back of my mind, I keep hearing the cast say (and by cast, I mostly mean Nadia) that there should be some really interesting, unusual pairings this summer, and while watching John and Hope, I was thinking maybe something would happen between those two. :ducks:

I liked the Ava/Nicole scene (sad/happy girls drinking and talking about guys - maybe I am just missing Sex in the City), and I look forward to John and Ava...I like when the characters mix it up with each other, and with Marlena in the mix, maybe she will get all "Sami" and even though she doesn't want John, she won't want him to move on either.
I am kind of hoping for a Nicole/EJ pairing because I feel a bit sorry for Nicole...and I sense that Nicole will do something underhanded to get EJ to take notice of her/ruin his chances with Sami. They keep reminding us that Nicole wants EJ.
And I am also all for Nicole/EJ until I see EJ with Sami. Then, for me, those two just spark!

It was nice to see Darin get all "Will Hunting" on Roscoe, but his little attitude is irking me to no end. And Stephanie is starting to drive me insane. And next weeks spoilers are all "Stephanie is worried about Max" "Stephanie follows Max" Ugh! I could really do without this couple at present.
Nick was cute though.

And Kate's story made me laugh. That totally came out of nowhere. It's like, we just had Bo's mysterious illness come out of nowhere, and now Kate? Will Chelsea donate more pancreas? Kate isn't really good at being sick either. I like her seduction or bitch mode. Not vulnerable.
And I like Dan with Kate...or Lexie. Chelsea has been shot down...she needs to move on.

I am liking Days so far.

Oh, and as much as I love love love Bo, when he stands behind Hope talking to John and has that smart ass look on his face, I want to smack the shit out of him. He looks like such an obnoxious ass, and the fact that we know he is wrong, makes me hate him even more. Give John the benefit of the doubt, Bo and do some investigating!
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