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Jun 9 2008, 05:18 PM
Jun 9 2008, 03:49 PM
I've watched DAYS for close to 40 years and have never given up on it; however, a couple times I have taken a "break" for awhile....I feel one of those coming on. Today's show was maybe the straw that broke the camel's back because IMO it was awful. The whole thing. An hour wasted. I didn't even enjoy Ava and Nicole, and the way John talked to Hope about the submarine sex (which I hated originally and still hate) was very yucky. I can't think of a single storyline that I'm interested in right now, so maybe I'll take a mini-vacation from Salem and go weed the flowerbeds for an extra hour a day.
Interesting, because I thought today was a first show after two weeks which was good. There was finally a movement in the Max/Trent saga (I know everyone here knows from spoilers where exactly the story is going, but today there was finallly something more than Max shooting angry looks at Trent, so even general viewers could get an idea where the conflict is) and the confrontation was nice.

I really liked the John/Hope talk, basically just a filler (unless Dena plans to revisit Jope again, but I doubt Corday would alow it) but it again gave us another peak into the way Johnīs mind work and you can tell how much both Drake and writers love and enjoy this Jawn stuff. The dock/shipping war is heating up too and itīs not just empty treads anymore, and I love how vulnerable Nicol really is lately, itīs a mile away from the onenote Nicol who appeared at Victorīs door two months ago. Iīm almost wishing she and EJ really got together because the chemistry is amazing.

And Kate is back in the story with Daniel/Chelsea, maybe itīs just my feeling but I really think Dena has something in her sleeve for those three. I really doubt the only purpose of this sudden Kateīs troubles is just to show us again how good doctor Dan is.

Overall, I thought today show was ok. Nothing exceptional, but the stories are starting to move again and there was a lot of forshadowing of what is coming. Iīm looking forward to Java (I read the preview and it should be hillarious), Phorgan and the dock stuff, and even the Stax story.
My problem is that even though there is movement in some of the stories, I don't care. I have never liked Max and Stephanie (either alone or as a couple), so that story doesn't interest me. I hate the Chelsea/Daniel story, and I think the Kate illness today was lame--and LK wasn't even very convincing. I'm tired of the Salem PD and their bungling of every case that comes their way. Roman has been looking for any excuse to get John away from Marlena so hasn't even tried to do a real investigation; maybe Bo and Hope will actually investigate, but I'm past caring. EJ/Sami/Lucas was old and tired a year ago, and I have no interest in watching Lucas yell and Sami grovel. I hate Chloe, and she's making me tune out the Philip scenes. All of the "green" stuff bored me, I'm tired of flashbacks and dream sequences, and I'm not one who enjoys watching lots of bedroom action or grown men stuffing their tongues down the throat of little girls--and, yes, I know Chelsea is at least 21, but she looks very young, and Daniel looks too much like Bo (and Bo's age) for me to be comfortable with this pairing.

I understand some people are enjoying the show right now, and I hope you continue to do so. For me, I'm taking a short hiatus, just two or three weeks, and then maybe I can get back into the show with a fresh perspective and a better state of mind.
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