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Jun 9 2008, 07:13 PM
I loved today's show!

- Nicole/Ava was great. I love their friendship and LOL at their conversation about John.

- John and Hope were the highlight for me. I loved the sub sex flashback. I didn't realize that this was so unpopular with fans. It was one of my favorite stories when it aired.

- Max is grating on my nerves. Enough of his grumpiness. Get over yourself!! Although I'm a little intrigued by his theories in this professor. I wonder if he'll turn out to be a villain...

- I'm wondering what in the world could be wrong with Kate. Very interesting!!

For the life of me, I can't see why other people aren't enjoying the show. Alas, I guess they can never please everyone so I'm just going to love it alone if I have to.
Max is annoying me, too.

The writers need to change either the grumpy mood he is in, or progress his story further. Its depressing to see him acting the same way and saying the same things again and again.
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