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^I agree completely with Jane.

The past week or so the episodes have been much better. May felt like setup city but now the stories have direction and are beginning to get moving.

Let me just say I love the editing for the show today. It started off heavy on Nicole/EJ/Ava with Stephanie/Max/Nick mixed in and a bit of Chelsea/Victor and then around the 3rd act Kate/Daniel and Hope/Bo/John got tossed in. I like that because things have a flow and it makes people want to watch the whole show. I hope they continue to do this, just like I wish they would do what they did Friday and have the second segment air right after the opening. Really gives the show a better flow IMO.

My favorite scenes today were Nicole/Ava. Tamara and Ari rock together and it is so nice that the show is going back to friendships like this. They both need someone and I liked their discussions and seeing Nicole's softer side. She has come a long way since her return. This episode really progressed the possible Nicole/EJ coupling nicely (flashback of EJ while Nicole is with that guy) as well as the John/Ava stuff (via the flashback while Ava was dancing and Ava and Nicole talking about John). It's a shame Tamara is leaving but enjoyed the scenes nonetheless.

John/Hope was my other favorite. What I like is how things that Days seemed to gloss over or ignore like subsex, Sami stealing Belle, and even Jate (John/Kate had a scene back in March when Bo was sick that alluded to their past) are being mentioned again. It seemed like Days always wanted to stay away from those past stories because they were controversial for fans and so on but Days is is using them now to help story and I applaud that. I was never a huge Jope fan but they do have chemistry and I love mixing things up. That flashback was hot and I love the way Kristian played it uncomfortable from Hope's end and how Drake played it so slimy. It was hysterical. Well-done and nice seeing Bope in action again.

I have no problem with Kate's illness, just like I didn't with Bo's. Illnesses do come out of nowhere in real life and while some buildup can help (they could've had Kate hiding pain in the recent scenes with Roman at Chez Rouge or something), sometimes coming out of nowhere packs a punch and I feel it did today. When Kate came on, despite spoilers I had this immediate reaction to wonder what is wrong. Lauren played it well and Daniel's concern was written all over his face. I totally was into it so the actors in a sense sold it. I feel it worked and I like how Victor was concerned. Also enjoyed Victor/Chelsea and Chelsea/Kate. I also think Chelsea working at the hospital is more about her getting over Daniel then getting him. Chelsea is strong-willed and is stubborn so, in a way, I think she sees this as her way of confronting the Daniel thing head on and getting over it. For her, seeing him alot may do that. I'm sure a part of her is thinking this may pull Daniel to her or maybe help her figure out who the woman in his life is but I really think it's more about her getting a job to kind of make amends for her recent behavior (hence her telling Victor she wants to do some good) and to kind of get past the Daniel thing.

I love Roscoe Born and I'm happy the Max story is finally moving. His attitude is annoying but, as Jane said, at least now you know it's because of Dean Robbins. I also love Nick's persistence in wanting people to enjoy what he enjoys. I've seen people like Nick be the same way. It gives him personality. I was also happy with Darin's performance today as he told Robbins off. You could tell it was about more then physics. I also hope Days does what it did today all summer. If you are going to push this Max thing for the summer, they need to mix it in like today. It wasn't too in your face or dominating and with the vets on it only helped. It's a good way of ensuring more people stay tuned in if they don't like Stax or the Max story.

All in all, a solid Monday episode. Days seems to finally have some direction with stories and is going with them. Hopefully it continues to improve.
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