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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Yes. That is pissing me off a lot about this story. That all these other people who have brainwashed by Stefano (pretty much everyone in Salem) seem to have so little sympathy for Jawn right now. Even if this incarnation of Jawn is so different and they're suspicious of his DiMera business ventures, I just find it hard to believe Hope would be this cold toward him when they were always such good friends. And especially when it was a year ago he was coming out of a coma and a half-year ago everyone thought he was dead? It's just ridiculous that Jawn, as weird as he is, would be THIS ostracized IMO. And as ridiculous as it is for Marlena to trust Phillip over Jawn, it's just as much or moreso for Bope to be that way given all the things that Phillip did to Shawn in his pursuit of Belle and Claire and given Bo's own mistrust of Victor.

And come to think of it... I know Victor was pissed at what Phillip did while he was gone, but did the show make any sort of connection between Victor's concern for Brady and his concern at what Phillip was doing to Brady's dad? I missed a lot last week.
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