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Jun 10 2008, 12:59 AM
I would never in a million years want John and Hope to be together romantically, but DH and KA have awesome chemistry. Although I know many hated it, I didn't have a problem with the sub sex, because that wasn't John and Hope; it was Mercenary John and Gina. I haven't seen Monday's show yet, but I hope that Hope is more empathetic towards John than she has been, because she's been in exactly the same position herself when Stefano programmed her to believe she was Gina.
I think Hope has been fine to John. She was today.

In the scene today, she seems put off by how he seems to get off on the idea of them having sex but there is this moment where John asks if she likes the new him and Hope says she is getting used to him. John just closes his eyes and sort of smiles, clearly taking that as a motion of acceptance. It seems he just wants people to accept him for who he is now and not what he was.

The other thing is that Hope explained to him they were manipulated and John made some jokes about that. John promised he would never bring the issue up again since Hope was clearly uncomfortable and Hope said ok. John was surprised she believed him and she explained how the new John is very much what you see is what you get so she knows he meant it.

They were very good scenes. I think Hope has treated John fine. It's Bo I have the problem with. Knowing Victor's history, he should be a little less judgmental with John and more open to the possibility that John is right. I see that Hope is, especially last week when she warned him he would need proof. I think she just wants to help him.

I would never want Hope and John either. The chemistry is there and it worked for the Gina story only but they can't go back there nor do I think they ever will. There would be a riot LOL.
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