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I thought the show was pretty good today...Nicole and Ava reminded me of when Days used to do friendship scenes in the 90's with Billie, Kristen and Jennifer...I do miss those...It was funny seeing them drinking and bonding over their boredom and loneliness..I also liked Nicole's line about there being no where to go out on a Monday night in Salem, too funny..And i'm totally on board with a John and Ava flirtation, for the time being..

John and Hope's scenes were good, and i liked that they discussed the sub sex as it is apart of their history...Even though John was a little pervy, i found it amusing as he was making Hope feel so uncomfortable...

Kate's illness is intriguing and i'm looking forward to LK getting some screen time in the next few weeks..But i don't really care for Chelsea working at the hospital..As i have a feeling, its just so Chelsea and Daniel can keep running into each other..Also what the hell was the point of that stupid Chelsea and Daniel fantasy...I'm getting sick of those fake-out fantasies..They are so JER..

And finally, i'm really starting to like this Max storyline now that Roscoe Born has been added to the mix..But it seemed today that Dean Robbins had no idea who Max was...Thats interesting..
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