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After all... tomorrow is another day!

You know as I watched today's show it sort of occurred to me... Sami just really really sucks right now. All she does is grovel to Lucas and beg him to take her back or be a huge judgmental bitch toward somebody else, in the case of today's show toward Chloe. I've never cared much about Chloe at all but Sami's big stink over her relationship with Brady, who I don't even remember Sami ever liking, just made me really dislike Sami a lot. And why Chloe would even encourage her to get back together with Lucas and find happiness with him after Sami was such a huge bitch to her, I really don't understand. That scene was just off.

The Max drama was pretty bland as always but I like the Trent Robbins guy. Given what a tedious asshole Max is these days the fact that Trent did or is going to do something awful to Max in a weird way makes me like him more.
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