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Queen Hoochie

These were supposed to air today. I didn't check if they were on the sites yet.

7:40 AM CRN, Los Angeles, CA/Natl Syndicated
“‘Niteside’ w/Gregg Hunter” – (Jack Roberts)
Hotline: 800/336-2225
Back up: 818/352-7593
Website: www.crntalk.com

7:50 AM KQFC, The Q Waking Crew, Boise, ID
“Cory N Debi” – (Cory Mikhals)
Hotline: 208/336-3672
Back up: 208/336-3298
Website: www.98kqfc.com

8:00 AM WSTW, Wilmington, DE
Rob Acamporo
Hotline: 302/478-1401
Back up: 302/478-2700
Website: www.wstw.com

8:10 AM WGZR, Savannah, GA
“Mike & Laura in the Morning” – (Laura Anderson)
Hotline: 866/469-1069
Back up: 912/667-3988
Website: www.wgzr.com

8:20 AM MTTV, Arkansas & Natl Synd
Brian Austin
Hotline: 501/588-1619
Back up: 501/593-4717
Website: www.mudtrucktv.com

8:30 AM KHYL, Sacramento, CA
“The Lee & Andrea Show” – (Lee Perkins)
Hotline: 916/925-5062
Back up: 916/470-6012 or 576-2295
Website: www.v1011fm.com

8:40 AM KWHL, Anchorage, AK
“The Bob & Mark Show” – (Jeremy Johnson)
Hotline: 907/349-9691
Back up: 907/632-1399
Website: www.kwhl.com

8:50 AM WPBZ-FM, West Palm Beach, FL
“Loper, Smitty & Randi” – (Randi, Jeremy Loper)
Hotline: 561/640-7634
Back up: 865/705-2938
Website: www.buzz103.com
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