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I liked the John and Marlena scenes. I was surprised. I didn't expect to. Not because I like what is happening, but because of their interaction. John was putting on a show for Marlena, you could tell it was because he is in love with her, but can't go there until he knows she loves him in the same way. Love and pain. I want to see how they react to each other the next time they see each other. I like that.

I agree though, that there is no excitement on the show. There has to be drama, emotion, excitement, love....a full on story that makes you want to tune in tomorrow to see how someone is going to react, or what someone is going to do or say. (I mean does anyone care if anyone finds out Max is smart?) I watched OLTL as a general fan for quite a few years and that is what i think a general fan wants from a soap, something they need to know, secrets, good v. evil, a couple to root for, and a story written with some intelligence and wit. Just an example...they set up this thing with Stefano and we should be wondering if he is ever going to 'wake' up of his own accord, he could be letting the audience in on secrets that some of the characters don't know. It's a shame.

(PS....re: OLTL...just had had enough with all the mixing up of couples for stupid reasons and that is what finally made me stop watching OLTL, I actually liked quite a few of the characters, but I stopped watching shortly after Nora had that brief amnesia storyline, I just didn't care about anyone anymore)
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