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That's what puzzles me. She was never boring at OLTL. Her stories sucked but she wasn't boring and things did not lack direction. There was always a plan. The plan sucked but the stories progressed and there were big moments and payoffs. She sucked at OLTL but still.

On Days, nothing like that is happening. It seems like constant setup and going around in circles most of the time, almost like they are waiting for the green light from someone before they move ahead. It's weird and it really reminds me now of her first stint, only it's a bit more interesting with the interactions and the stuff during the strke was great and seemed to have direction and movement toward something, all of which oddly went out the window around the end of April. I still wonder if maybe they are waiting for the renewal to be confirmed or maybe we are getting some sort of writing change and that is why things are in holding pattern. It's the same thing I thought in 2003 when I felt Dena was told not to do too much and to act like an interim writer until they knew what was happening. They wanted her to have a long term plan if the show got canceled or in case Corday was able to convince NBC not to bring JER back as a condition in the deal but he had to and I think he always knew that since he demoted B&C. I've always felt Higley is a place-holder in her first stint and now I'm feeling the same way again. Not sure if I'm right but even if she isn't, her recent complaining in her blog, her buddy getting demoted and Rick Draughon getting promoted, and the ratings may end up doing her in very soon.
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