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Rhiannon - just wanted to say you are so right about Kristin Renton...such a huge change from when she started...how do you remember that stuff...although I put much of last year out of my mind. Maybe she is trying to be a bit more mature to be in a relationship with Phillip, but she was so much more personable when she first started. Pretty girl too.
Too funny about taking acting lessons from Nadia, Amello! LOL!

This maybe a really dumb question, but why do soap writers go from soap to soap? I mean, they got fired usually because of poor performance or being difficult or whatever...why are they rehired somewhere else and expect different things? Hogan's stories here totally bombed, people hated him (I did) and his stories, but he gets rehired for another soap? Isn't that the definition of insanity? Doing the same thing and expecting different results?

Can you imagine if I am an accountant, and I totally screw up a company's books, forget to file taxes, rewrite past ledgers to make numbers fit, tell off my employer...that I would be hired at another company...especially in my same position?
Are there only 5 head writers for soaps out there...and they can only get passed around?
Who wrote Days during the strike? That person was pretty awesome? And some of the people on these boards KNOW the history, KNOW what works...why wouldn't executives look for a fresher face....or at least one who wouldn't have to watch 10 years of the soap during the week before he started his job.

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