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Jun 15 2008, 06:25 AM
(Source: Jason47)


30 Years Ago: June 19-June 23, 1978: In Paris, Doug and Julie heard from her brother, Steve Olson. The FBI located Janice and Joann in Florida and Joann admitted to Maggie that she is Janice's mother and wanted to see Janice before she died. Samantha returned to Hollywood. Mike took a job out of town, and Jeri left to reunite with Trish. Neil told Marlena that her kidney infection wasn't serious. David and Valerie ran into each other and agreed to be friends. Linda reluctantly agreed to reside at the lake house until she refurbishes the Loomis house.

25 Years Ago: June 20-June 24, 1983: Trista ran from the warehouse without seeing Alex in the shadows. A lying guard told Eugene and Bo that Trista never visited the warehouse. Alex paid the guard to skip town, but Eugene found evidence that someone had rigged the joint. Hope was befriended by Mr. Rudolph. He set her up with a john who beat her up for not getting cuddly. Melissa kept mum that she gave Hope money and knows her whereabouts. Liz denied Neil's accusation that she was present at Marie's shooting. Marie found a scarf with initials and remembered hearing a woman's scream. Anna used David to foil Renee's plans to meet Tony. Maggie suspected Don's hot for Gwen, just as Gwen and Mickey planned. Trista realized her mother's killer is searching for the murder weapon.

20 Years Ago: June 20-June 24, 1988: After confiding in Jennifer that Max isn't really his brother, Frankie took Max and ran away to elude Max's father, Trent. Patch told Kayla that he had the California adoption agency give Jack incorrect information about the adoption. Later, Jack became upset when he learned he's really Billy. Eve refused to believe Shane and Gabrielle, who told her that Alan is their main Slasher suspect. To protect his political career, Harper agreed to let Anjelica keep her baby after the press learned of her pregnancy. Roman decided to go to Japan to search for Diana. The Slasher approached Kimberly on the pier, but Nick's arrival scared the Slasher away.

15 Years Ago: June 21-June 25, 1993: "Days" premiered its updated opening title sequence, with new graphics and newly-recorded voiceover by Macdonald Carey. After Abby's fever broke, Jack and Jennifer took her home. Marlena is forced to tell John she lied about her baby's due date, and John could in fact be the father. Vivian slips out of the hospital and on her way back is surprised to see Lawrence has been injured. No one believes Lawrence, who is suffering from a concussion, when he claims to have seen Vivian at the site of his accident. Vivian plotted to kill another of Carly's patients. Bo and Carly clash when they move into Donovan Mansion. Lucas made sure that Carrie saw Austin and Brandee kissing. The Brady clan said goodbye to Kimberly, who left to join Philip in Hollywood. As Kimberly was boarding her plane, Caroline collapsed in pain.

10 Years Ago: June 15-June 19, 1998: In Los Angeles, Eric followed Nicole and got into a fight with Jay. Craig's wife, Nancy, was seen for the first time. She and Craig set their sights on trying to get Mike fired before he is named chief of staff. Sami, thinking Franco cheated on her with the model, decided to get revenge on him. Franco told Roberto he's going to propose to Sami. Stefano and Rolf implanted a controlling device in Vivian's tooth, causing Ivan and Celeste to become worried about Vivian's odd behavior. While in a trance, Hope sketched a landscape from her past. Bo told Billie he can't commit to her. Billie decided that if she can't have Bo, neither can Hope. Bo traveled to New Orleans and overheard Erlene, Wayne and Earl talking about the Swamp Girl.

5 Years Ago: June 16-June 20, 2003: Tek told Philip that Maya needs to be watched. Belle followed Philip into the air duct as he was spying on Tony and Maya. Shawn confronted Belle and Philip while they were sneaking out of the mansion. Cassie tried to seduce Lucas and Shawn, but to no avail, then later gets arrested for prostitution. Rex and Mimi made love. Later, Rex told Cassie that Roman is their biological father but does not yet know who their mother is. Nicole hid Rolf's body in the Kiriakis stables. Bo and Hope had a romantic evening on Smith Island. Sami woke up from her coma, but was unable to speak.

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Really interesting what happened 20 years ago? The whole Trent thing. You think they actually researched the history, or is this coincidence?
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