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Jun 16 2008, 01:27 PM
Max looks like the devil in that first pic...especially with the goatee!

First clip - just goes to show that Sami and Lucas haven't changed in 10 years...still the same old crap, fighting about their kids, Lucas ripping Sami a new one and telling her that he doesn't understand what numbnut would ever fall for her, etc. etc.
As much as I loved them once, it is SO damn hard to root for them! I don't see the chemistry when they are fighting, and I don't see it when they act in love. I just like how mean they are to each other!
Were Lucas and Nicole ever in love? Or was it just a show? Curious to see what happened next between them.

Second clip - ah, Victor and Nicole! I just love Victor - he can be scary, he can be sweet! It amazes me how Arianne can hold her own against such powerhouses like Victor and Sami...most actors would shrink in their presence, but not her! I liked them as a couple. I like when Vic softens.

Today's DOOL has been preempted by Tiger Woods and his US Open show. Which sucks because Nicole is on today, and EJ, and John and Ava! Couldn't they do this stuff at night? And prempt the reruns on primetime!
Makes no sense!
Alligato - I guess you aren't a golfer! :D I don't know if my timezone will have Days or not, so I recorded an extra hour in the hopes of catching it. Since I am at work, I don't know…If not, I will have to catch it on SoapNet later.
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