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I watched today, but there are only a few things that I can even recall from the episode. The stories are stale to me and there's nothing keeping my attention. The characters are falling flat, and the stories suck.

Did I miss something? When did Kate develop this grudge on Daniel? I can't figure out why she doesn't want Daniel to perform the surgery. Does anyone know? Has it been explained?

I hate Chelsea and Daniel and it's laughable to think of them as an actual couple. They looks so creepy together. Shawn Christian could literally play Rachel Melvin's father on this show. It's gross! And did you see the look on Victor's face when he overheard Daniel asking Chelsea out? I hope they at least have Victor against this couple since Dena Higley's obviously missing the bus with Bo. No way in hell would he let his college-age daughter date someone not that much younger than him.

How in the hell do Sami and Lucas expect EJ to move out of the mansion? It's his family's mansion. That's stupid. Lucas needs to just go live with Mickey and Maggie. I think it's beyond dumb having him in the mansion in the first place.

OMG! They actually mentioned Jan Spears today. I thought they forgot all about her. Not that I care much. That was such a horrible time period. And I shiver just thinking of those scenes where Jan electrocuted Victor. Heather Lauren Olsen was beyond amateurish.

I really wish they'd give Victor a new love interest. I love seeing John Aniston as much as we have been, but Victor's always a grumpy old bastard. They need to throw a woman at him so that he can ease up a bit. I love his relationship with Chelsea though. Victor is so the type of guy that needs a granddaughter, who he spoils. I love it.

Lucas and Chloe -- I wasn't too keen on the idea when they first started showing up in spoilers together. But I figured I would wait and see if the actors had chemistry that could make these two randomly coming together something I could watch. Well, that hasn't happened. Bryan Dattilo and Nadia Bjorlin have zero chemistry together. And the fact that the actors have no chemistry makes the writing even worse. They need to just keep Chloe with Philip because Jay K. Johnson is the only actor that Nadia has chemistry with. She had great chemistr with Brandon Beemer, but unfortunately Shawn and Belle were given the short end of the stick and shipped off (literally) the show. But one thing is for sure, Lucas and Chloe are dullsville city.

Where in the hell are they going with Trent and Nicole? These two obviously share a sexual past together. The way Trent was looking at Nicole was undoubtedly creepy. Roscoe Born is finally starting to come into this role and make it something worth watching. I saw some speculating that Nicole may turn out to be Max's mother, and I have to say that would be a dumb decision. I hate it when these type of storylines come out of the blue. Now, if there was reason for us to believe that Nicole once had a child, then that would be one thing. But when these kids come out of nowhere, I hate it. I'm going to guess that Trent used to be an old friend of Paul Mendez's (Nicole's father) and he used to mess around with Nicole when she was under her father's influence as a young teen.

I'm glad Darin Brooks is finally getting material that he's deserved for the last three years. I just wish that it was a more decent story. But I am happy for him.

The Steve and Kayla scenes with baby Joe were cute.
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