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Jun 16 2008, 07:45 PM
Bryan Dattilo and Nadia Bjorlin have zero chemistry together. And the fact that the actors have no chemistry makes the writing even worse. They need to just keep Chloe with Philip because Jay K. Johnson is the only actor that Nadia has chemistry with.

I'm watching because I like BD and NB, but I'm just not liking them together. More of that "having the same conversation over and over again" stuff. I don't see any spark, friendship or otherwise. Plus, it distracts me how she's much taller than he is.

I really liked Nicole today. I like when they show her softer/more vulnerable side. I liked the way EJ responded to it. I thought it was cute when EJ informed her that "treating" meant she would actually have to pay for the drinks. :D

I hope Victor will bust Dan's kneecaps for trying to date his granddaughter and that he'll have to go recuperate off the show.

I'm another who didn't understand Kate's sudden animosity. She was trying to put Chelsea and Dan together in the first place. Is that why she's suddenly upset? I was glad to see JKJ and LK working together. I've always thought they actually look like they could be mother and son.

I need more Phloe. I'm glad they're on the show together tomorrow. :D
All of Kate's children look like they could actually be Lauren Koslow's actual children, aside from Julie Pinson and Lisa Rinna. Austin Peck, Krista Allen, Bryan Dattilo and Jay Kenneth Johnson definitely resemble Lauren.

Notice I don't mention Eric Winter and Alexis Thorpe? Why bother? The show doesn't. :P
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