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Jun 16 2008, 07:31 PM
Jun 16 2008, 02:50 PM
What I was intrigued by more was Trent/Nicole, Daniel and Kate's weird talk (scared to get my hopes up since Dena likes red herrings but it seems she may be the woman he's been hooking up with), Steve/Kayla (excellent as always) and the more I see of Stephanie and Nick, the more I liek of them.
Oh really? I was so confused by the conversation today. What makes you think that?
I presume you mean you were confused by the Kate/Daniel talk? I was too but I can guess. I hate to say since I usually speculate wrong and given Dena loves to try to fool her audience with false clues this could all be a big ol' heap of nothing but Kate clearly has issues with Daniel being her doctor. Now, why exactly? If the show has made one thing clear to the character of Daniel, is he is the most wonderful doctor to have ever practiced and since he was able to diagnose such a rare medical condition, you would think Kate would want him to perform the surgery.

Anyway, when I read by spoilers she didn't want him to do it, I didn't know why but I didn't put too much time into it, there aren't really any obstacles for Chan to be together other than Daniel himself (as his character is all over the map) so I figured Kate would become one. However, the scene today gave me pause as I didn't expect Daniel to act that menacing and sinister about it, and LK played it downright scared. Something is up. I'm' going to be angry if this all turns out to be something lame like in his spare time he and kate have been meeting so she can innocently learn how to wax surfboards or something.

So that just leaves Daniel's other secret, we know he's been getting mysterious phone calls and meeting with someone. He told Chelsea he was hooking up with a woman and she was unavailable. Now that doesn't mean he is telling the truth but what if he was? And what if Kate was the other woman? Another small clue was last Friday Kate noticed Daniel looking at Lexie in a particular way. What is that about?

I'm sure this is all wrong, more than likely Kate was up to something, got in trouble, called Daniel to help her and he did so but wants her to come clean to Chelsea. The whole thing makes Kate feel too guilty and that's what this is all about. God forbid they should knock Daniel off that pedestal they have written him.

But I'm so desperate for Chan to end, that even though he bonking Kate should have been something we saw on screen rather than off, I'm all for it if it pushes Chelsea away forever.
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