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Just finished watching today's show...


Any scenes with Max or Stephanie instantly bore and annoy the piss out of me. First segment, they're in bed sleeping and Max wakes up. Second segment, Max gets out of bed and leaves. Third segment, Stephanie wakes up and wonders where Max is. Couldn't they have done all that in the first segment, rather than stretching it out for half the episode? It screams "filler!"

Lucas and Chloe are pointless. Who cares if Lucas took his tracking device off? I mean, so what if he did? Nothing's gonna come of it, anyway. Besides, what WAS the point of him taking the ankle monitor off and going to the docks in the first place? There was no reason for it, right? So... uh... WHAT WAS THE FUCKING POINT!? Also, did Dattillo get new dentures or something? He looked like Mr. Ed today with those giant front teeth.

Sami and Roman at the Brady Pub... zzzzzzzz. The Sami/Lucas/EJ thing is so played out, I couldn't have possibly cared less about Sami blabbering on and on and on about them to daddy. Roman looked equally as disinterested.

The heath issue with Kate seems random and pointless. Who gives a shit whether or not Daniel operates on her? Who gives a shit about Daniel, period? Is it possible for an entire storyline to be filler?

Oooh, then there was EJ/Nicole/Victor. What's up with Nicole's random 180?! All this time, she's been money hungry and craving a big settlement from Victor, then all of a sudden she softens with EJ and decides that money's no longer that important? Pssh! This REEKS of "story flopped horribly so a quick wrap-up was ordered." Could the resolution have possibly been more anti-climatic or pointless? Classic Higley fizzler.

Finally, why the hell were Steve/Kayla even on today's episode? Stephen and Mary Beth must feel completely wasted when they have to spend half the show re-hashing the stories of other characters. I already don't care about Stephanie/Max -- I certainly don't need to hear Steve and Kayla blabbering on about them, too. I'm sick of the STAX pimping!

This whole show is shit.
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