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After all... tomorrow is another day!

Random thoughts on today's show:

If you can't tell from the clips I chose for this week, I LURVED the Victor-Nicole-EJ scenes in today's episode. I love the Kiriakis Mansion being back and I love Nicole and Victor sharing scenes. I wish they would have gotten more of them together as this divorce storyline unfolded. Also thought the EJ-Victor interaction was sooooo much better written/executed than that comedic encounter they had at the hospital in last Friday's eppy.

Why can't Stephanie and Nick send Max off to anger management classes and have some fun themselves? I'm so tired of those two stuck wasting all their airtime worrying about whether MadMax needs a nap, a feeding or his diaper changed. I know he's pissed off but the apartment ransacking was way OTT for me. I'm not sure if I am totally wanting a Stick romance, but I very much enjoy their friendship scenes and how their relationship has changed and I'd much rather watch a Beauty and the Geek falling in love over time story than whatever the hell this Stax story is. And they did look cute together standing in the hospital window.

Which reminds me... Oh look Kayla and Steve are holding their baby. I had started to forget they were on the show. And I realize now it doesn't matter to me whether they are on the show or not as much as I *want* to like and care deeply about these characters and as much as I respect the actors. They can leave now and hand over their airtime to Tanna or Bope any day now.

Kate/Daniel or Chelsea/Daniel... it's all zzzzzzzzzzz to me, unfortunately.

Why is Sami dressed as a stewardess? That's almost as ridiculous as Sami thinking she and EJ should let Lucas dictate which of them are allowed to live in the DiMera Mansion. I mean it's not just that EJ DIMERA is being asked to move out of the DIMERA Mansion to accommodate a BRADY and HORTON that pisses me off. The idea that any convict could waltz into the home of his attempted murder victim, after said victim was instrumental in securing his release from prison, and set up residence in a home in which he has no marriage or blood relation to explain why he is there and demand his shooting victim move out of the house is fantastically contrived even for Days.

It's insane writing like this that makes it impossible for me to ever like Lucas, though I was able to tolerate the Chloe-Lucas scenes today. The jury is still out on those two for this viewer, though they don't fill me with irrational, seething hostility the way that Lucas and Sami do whenever they're on the screen together so I guess that's something.

It is annoying though this show keeps ramming Lucas and Sami will love each other forever and ever down my throat yet Lucas can't tell Sami the truth about his trip to the docks and Sami can't be honest to Lucas that she wants EJ to stay in the mansion or at least thinks he deserves to stay there because she has to protect Lucas's delicate sensibilities and walk on eggshells and coddle him by shitting all over EJ to avoid Old Yeller's wrath. GMAFB.

And Roman's questioning about Sami and whether she has any feelings for EJ was ridiculous. Given that Roman ALREADY KNOWS Sami had sex with EJ, basically that question amounted to Roman asking his daughter whether she is a slut. Damn this storyline would be better if they were going to have EJami have sex and then drag this the fuck out with EJ and Sami not being together yet people questioning Sami whether she wanted to be with EJ that EJ and Sami had reached some understanding to keep it a secret from Lucas and her family. Because right now there is no dramatic tension when everyone knows EJ and Sami fucked and they're all sitting around trying to press her into either admitting she slept with EJ because of "some feelings" or trying to help her paper over this incident and chalk it up to being a bitch in heat so she can get back her twuwuv4evr Lucas.

I am glad the show FINALLY, like a month later, let EJ confront Sami about how ridiculous she was avoiding him. Of course they had to interrupt that much-needed conversation with Sami interrupting to share her ridiculous expectation that EJ should be OK with moving out of the mansion at the behest of the new tenant with the Napoleon complex. And what's more... they end this scene without anything resolved yet in reading the spoilers for tomorrow I see there is no continuation of this scene at all. Dumb.

Lastly, the Nicole and Trent scenes were OK and I probably would've liked them more had I not spent time looking at old YouTube clips of Nicole last night and found more gripping and more creepy (and also more interesting) scenes where some crazy bastard named Jay showed up at Nicole's place and nearly raped her at knifepoint before Knight in Shining Armor Eric saved the day. Now I am worried we will see the same sexual victimization of Nicole, which I have absolutely no interest in. I'm also scared the show could use this as a way to push EJ and Nicole together the same way it did Eric and Nicole, which would wind up so loathesome it would pretty much make me hostile to EJole, which to this point despite my EJami-shipping heart I do have the capacity to appreciate and at times enjoy. Even if they put Phillip in the Eric role it still wouldn't be much better. About the only other option I can think of for this story though is maybe somehow Trent and Nicole are married and him showing up and being revealed as Nicole's ex could somehow gum up the works of her divorce settlement from Victor.

I can't believe how much I was gushing about this show a month ago.
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