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I don't know how to feel about today's episode, or the show for that matter, which is telling considering usually I can come in here and have an overall positive outlook or open mind. I enjoyed half of today and the other half was just frustrating.

Let me start with the parts I disliked so I can end on a positive note. First off, the Lucas/Sami/EJ thing has to go. It's bad enough it took them nearly a month to have EJ and Sami discuss having sex and Lucas catching them but then they have to go and have Sami and Lucas act like they have any right to tell EJ to get out of a home that belongs to his family. Yeah, ok. Stupid. Then, we have Sami and Roman having the same damn talk we've heard her have with him and others over and over again for a year now about EJ and her feelings. Seriously, Sami and Lucas are a mess right now and the only reason why EJ isn't is because he interacts with Nicole and others. Both characters need major repair and I can barely watch them. The only think I liked from them today was the scene where Lucas stopped Sami from eavesdropping. That was fun but, other then that, terrible. Lucas/Chloe is a nice idea but it's so forced with how they are doing it. I understand Chloe wanting to make amends but Lucas wouldn't take to her as quickly as he seems by how he is acting and I still am not 100% sure why Chloe chose Sami and Lucas the first two people on her "make amends through making friends" tour (wow, that rhymed, sometimes I even surprise myself :laugh: ). Their scenes were ok and I like Chloe outsmarting Lucas. Perhaps it will get better in time because I do see some chemistry but so far, not liking it well enough.

Also, what the hell was the deal with Roman saying hi to EJ and shaking his hand? I don't mind people being civil to him but I would think Roman would still be ticked about the things EJ did, especially since EJ just slept with his daughter. Dumb and whoever dressed Ali today needs to be fired. She looked awful. Did like her mentioning shedding baby weight. Nice nod to TBL. What also makes me mad is that the Sami/EJ scene, which ended in a decent place, does not continue tomorrow. Memo to Dena: GET SOME GOD DAMN CONTINUITY!!!

Ok, now on to what I enjoyed or at least found some interest in. First off, Kate/Daniel really interested me. Kate looked pretty scared and desperate and Daniel, to me, has been acting creepy since he told Lexie about his wife. Weird. I know Dena drops red herrings but I don't think this is one. Hell, he was having those weird exchanges with Lexie and now he is having one with Kate. Something is up and we even had Victor wonder out loud what is going on with Kate. This illness may have more purpose, it seems. I wonder if this goes back to my womanizing theory of a few weeks ago. Maybe Daniel preys on vulnerable women. Think about it. He came into Chelsea's life when he found her crying. Grandpa Shawn had just died and Bo was sick. He was her hero and that started something between them. Then there is Lexie, whose marriage has began to crumble a bit the last two months, leaving her vulnerable, and she has confided in Daniel this and around the time she confided in Daniel and he confided in her about his wife, Daniel and Lexie started acting weird around each other soon after. We haven't seen much of Kate outside of the business story with Tony and the Martino thing and little scenes here and there with family and friends. She was the one that encouraged Chelsea to go after Daniel way back when and Chelsea was hesitant. Perhaps Kate got involved with him before Chelsea fell hard for him and maybe that plays into all this. Maybe Matt's theory does too or maybe he just preys on vulnerable woman. I mean, Chelsea and Lexie were both vulnerable and Kate could be too with Lucas in jail at the time, being all alone without love, etc. I keep getting this vibe that he's hopping from woman to woman for some reason and I like that idea and I like that it's very mysterious. That is why his asking Chelsea out didn't bug me because now it makes me wonder. He asks Chelsea out after the recent weird occurrences with Lexie and now Kate. Very intriguing and this story has me hooked now.

Nicole/Trent was also interesting. Roscoe had his creepy vibe going and I loved him calling her "Nikki." Been awhile since we've heard that. Very intriguing. I don't understand how anyone can say Nicole has done a 180 when her softer side has been the focus for weeks, especially in scenes with EJ. Ari had said Nicole was back for more then just money and that has been the case. She came back to screw Victor and get Philip to marry her but she had to work with EJ and what started out as business and fun (pissing Sami off) ended in her falling for EJ and, like Austin, he can see through her. He can see how she covers her feelings through the drinking and acting out and snarky comments. That is why she did what she did today. She did to impress him and show her softer side and to show that she is trying not to hide or cover it up anymore. Enjoyed Nicole/EJ and the hug and the Nicole/Victor scenes rocked. Wish we got more. They are great together (which is why I love the clips at the start of this thread of that scene after the Kiriakis Mansion fire. Loved that scene with Victor and Nicole). Nice seeing Henderson too and Victor and Philip at the hospital. Also liked the Philip/Victor scene at the end. It's so great having the Kiriakis mansion back and the use of Victor is great.

Max and Stephanie was dragged out but interesting today. The scenes with Max trashing the place were ok and at least they gave us a cliffhanger with Nicole and Trent arriving with Max still in the room. Add me to the list of people liking Stephanie and Nick. They should give these two a try together. Have Max push her away and maybe even do a Chelsea/Nick/Stephanie triangle. They are best friends fighting for the same man. Sounds good to me and then bring back Abby and maybe try a Abby/Max/Morgan story or something (I can dream, can't I? :laugh:). Shelley and Blake have a nice chemistry and I'm enjoying their relationship as friends. I was glad the Baby Joe story got some sort of a payoff today with Steve and Kayla holding him (cute moment, especially with Stephanie and Nick watching). They really did drop the ball though with this after a week or so. This story could've been so much more but there just wasn't enough focus and I'm still miffed that the Ava stuff is a distant memory for them. I did like Steve and Kayla discussing Stax and the awkward moment when Steve asked if Stephanie spent the night with Max. Also liked Steve being upset about Stephanie not coming home or calling and being concerned about "Maxwell" as well. True to his character. Glad they are getting airtime again but they are being wasted.

Also liked the Abe/Roman conversation and the mention of Abe's problems and Eric. All these Eric mentions have me wondering if he may return. Victor/EJ was fun too and loved the mentions of Carly, Vivian, and even Jan today. The history was used well today and I loved how EJ mentioned the whole Jan/Nicole plot and referred back to that time period and the events of it, as bad as it was. Nice touch.

It was a nice blend of characters again today and, as I said, there was some interesting points but the parts of the show I disliked were really bad so it brought the whole episode down for me. The show is still far from where it should be and I just hope it picks up in a hurry. Some things in the upcoming spoilers make me believe it will but I'm going to wait before judging until it all hits our screens.
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