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Jun 12 2008, 04:47 PM
I don't think the Chloe rape thing is quite in the same league as Philip being responsible for Paul's death. Because 1) Chloe didn't really claim rape, Nancy pushed her until she did (because Nancy was so sure she had been raped) and 2) no rape occurred. With next week's spoilers it seems to indicate that Philip sends goons to keep Paul quiet, and said goons push an unconscious Paul into the river.

And I am a Phloe fan, but I'm also a huge JKJ fan. Jay has chemistry with just about every he runs across. I hated Belle, but I could watch Phelle scenes because they had chemistry. I'm sort of surprised by the Morgan thing because I always thought Jay could have chemistry with a potted plant. Kristen Renton is proving that theory wrong.

Nancy: He raped you didn't he, didn't he?
Chloe: YES!

That's enough for me.
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