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Nancy: He raped you didn't he, didn't he?
Chloe: YES!

As I said in my post, Nancy pushed her into it until Chloe finally agreed that she had been raped. They made it pretty clear afterwards that she had been in shock, not knowing where she was or what was going on. So, I don't blame her for that. I blame Nancy who wouldn't accept any other explanation (because of her own background as a young woman).

Still not the same thing as Philip forcing Paul to leave town and sending his goons to keep Paul quiet. Morgan's kissing Philip on a day he threatened her father. Paul's worried John might try to kill him, and asks Philip to help him (since this is all Philip's fault anyways) and Philip tells him no. Paul literally begs him, but Philip still throws him to the wolves. I can't see how a character who's main motivation and purpose centers entirely around her father will be okay with what Philip's done.

Philip's willing to help just about anybody else - he believed Chloe when no one else did, he's willing to help Nicole (despite the things she's done to his family), he even worried about that scumbag Brady. But Paul asks for his help and Philip refuses? To me the show is setting up Philip and Morgan for a big failure that I don't think they'll be able to overcome.
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