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How many days has Max been on straight? I realized today that I am enjoying Nick, Stephanie and Trent in this storyline, but not Max which yea, it is his storyline. However, the most interesting part if Trent and Nicole, loved how AR played that.

Meanwhile Stephanie is going crazy cause Max left out of his room w/o leaving a note. You know, she's going overboard but it is a really jerkish thing to do. It's disrespectful to say the least (since Max got his needs met) and he could have at least lied in a note about where he was going. I am sure Stephanie wouldn't have questioned it but that along with leaving his cell phone off.

Didn't care for Kayla defending Steve or at least telling him it's not his fault he wasn't around for Stephanie tgrowing up. This conversation is just filler since it's something they should have gone over like a year or two ago when steve returned. It's like Dena is trying to talk about everything else but what they NEED to talk about. MBE looked beautiful.

I do like Lucas and Chloe. I can't believe I'm saying that.

I think Paul did awesome in his scenes with John and Ava. I guess I'm used to day players doing that kind of work but Paul really sold the scared in his pants scenes. Oh how I wish they would have featured Paul's character as much (or more) than Daniel's.
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