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Jun 17 2008, 07:23 AM
Did like her mentioning shedding baby weight. Nice nod to TBL.

And I felt the opposite. I am actually very bothered by Sami constantly working out and constantly talking about how she needs to lose weight when she's gorgeous and has been a size 2 since the babies were born. There is no weight to lose and it pisses me off that she's always talking about herself like she's fat. Biggest Loser or not, it annoys me and makes me like Sami even less.
I'm with ya on this Sariah!
I get so annoyed, roll eyes, when beautiful skinny people talk about losing weight. Sami looks beautiful, we just saw her get half nekkid and she looked great. She has two guys fawning over her and great figure with huge boobs that she gets to flaunt to all the flat chested women on that show, yet she is complaining she still has baby fat and looks bad?

There was some rumor with all the gym scenes, running scenes, fruit plates and Nicole mentioning her baby fat...that Sami was going to revisit her bulimia disease.
Kill me now!
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