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Darin's Big Bash

After his Emmy nomination for Best Younger Actor, Darin Brooks decided to throw himself a party. And we're not just talking about a backyard barbecue here; this was an all-out bash at Los Angeles nightclub Area. It featured a performance by the group Non P and was sponsored by Onovo Clothing and the Tag the World charity. "I was really happy about the way everything turned out," Darin told us. "It was great we could let loose and relax for a little while because we don't really have a whole lot of parties together. And then celebrating my Emmy nomination, and I'm glad Rachel and Thaao could show up and some of the other nominees. I'm really happy."

He's happy, but he doesn't know if he has a future as an event planner. "It was nerve-wracking. I'm never doing it again!" Darin laughed. He is glad, though, that he does have the first one behind him, just in case he does decide to throw another big event. He just wasn't ready for this one to turn into such a big deal, but it took on a life of it's own, as these things can do. "At first it was a small thing that Rob and I put together and were talking about it, then it sort of turned into a bigger thing because we had a performance and we needed to do a sound check and then we had to get the red carpet and it became much bigger," Darin said. And when the party was in full swing? "I kicked back and relaxed. It was so good to just have it over with!"

Besides just having a good time, the event had another purpose: supporting clothing line Onovo and charity Tag the World. "Tag the World is Rob Valletta's company and their slogan is "Tag You're It." They make designer dog tags that support five different charities, 100% non-profit, all the profits go to one of the five charities, the one that you want," Darin told us. They came up with the slogan in a unique way; "I can't tell you how many people come up to me and say 'that's a nice necklace. Where'd you get it?' Then you explain something about the charity, like I'm supporting the Humane Society, this is the name of my dog that I got from there, or whatever it is. So it's like "tag," now you have to go get a dog tag. It's a great little campaign. It's just a trendy, sexy way to wear dog tags and also support your favorite charity."

For more information on sponsor Onovo, click here. And check back later for information on how to get your own dog tags.

And now, Darin has another "little" event to look forward to: the Daytime Emmy Awards. Is he as nervous about this one as he was about his own party? Not exactly. "I'm just kind of excited," Darin told us. "I'm trying not to get my hopes up. So I don't have to stab Tom Pelphrey in the neck! (laughs). No, I'm cool. I'm just going to let it go and let it happen. I'm most excited to have my mom come here and do makeup and hair so she can be all glamorous." We look forward to seeing them both on the red carpet.

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