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^Yep. I could see that. Plus, Nicole and Chloe hate each other so that is another tie to this and see is involved in the Trent story.

These look really great and I do hope somehow some of this ends up onscreen. It would look really good with Ed Scott. I doubt it though since even the Stax adventure is taking place in Europe. It would be nice if they used shots like this in TV promos. It would look great.

Bo and Hope look adorable in there pics and I also love the campfire pics. Chloe and Lucas' kiss does look good there but it's funny how Sami and EJ are left out when Nicole and Lucas are both there. Weird. Philip/Morgan looks great here too. I hate that they had Lucas' last name listed as "Roberts" in these pics and not "Horton" but I guess that blame rests on NBC, I would think.

I also think the fact that Days is doing photo shoots on location is a good sign for the renewal. This stuff wouldn't continue if the show was leaving NBC in less then a year.
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