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Jun 21 2008, 06:23 AM
I missed Friday's episode. Someone please tell me you're joking about the Midol placement.
No we're not. It was there in all it's cheesy goodness. Frankly I enjoyed it. Laughed myself silly. Seriously watching Shelly, Kristen and Rachel do that scene was the funniest thing I've seen in my life and if I'm not mistaken probably was not their only take on it.

And this may be unpopular but if it pays for the show, let it pay for the show. I don't want it to take over too much and be a daily thing, but it's fine. My only beef is really all they had to do was have Morgan ask one of them if they had any, Stephanie say sure, camera zoom in, and Morgan say she hasn't had time to refill her own bottle. And then Chelsea could have followed it up with Yea, I love that stuff.

Then later as a joke when Morgan gets irritated seeing Chloe, she says she feels a headache, Stephanie grins and asks her if she needs anymore Midol and they laugh.

I just can't wait for more product placement ads. Tanning lotion from Daniel and Tony, Max telling us what kind of beer is on tap. Hee, this can be something I can laugh at harmlessly as opposed to other things on the show that I can't.
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