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Jun 21 2008, 10:00 AM
Jun 20 2008, 10:08 PM
I don't know why Phloe fans are acting like they're in a cemented relationship. They're "friends with benefits". Translation: they're fuck buddies. That's all that Chloe said she wanted, so she shouldn't be getting all huffy and territorial when she sees Philip making eyes at another girl. And even if Morgan is going after Philip, which I don't see her as doing, anyway, there's really no reason she shouldn't be.
Yesterday, What's her face told Chloe that she should feel threatened by her. To me, that means she is going after Philip. What makes is wrong for her is that she doesn't know him. A couple of weeks ago she was telling him off because of her father, now all of a sudden she knows his heart? Philip told her he asked Chloe for space and the very same day, she walks in on them kissing. When she sucked face with Philip, he tried to stop and tell her it wasn't right. Now, she knows Philip is sleeping with Chloe. She's asking for trouble. One should try to run away from the drama, not knowingly dive right into it.

It doesn't matter. She's no competition for Chloe anyways, and I'm glad Chloe isn't going to put up with Philip's behavior much longer.
I will give you this. I do think Highley purposefully trashed Phloe because she wants Phorgan. She had Phorgan going strong in that casting call script for Paul which never turned true and I think the main reason was Corday who wanted Phloe vs. Nicole instead. So Highley gave him what he wanted and turned Phloe in "fuck buddies" to make sure any chance for a meaningfull romance between them is forever banned and meantime made sure Phillip and Morgan have enough flirting/fighting scenes they will eventually catch the audience.

I had my suspicion when I first read that May preview where Corday didnīt mention Morgan at all while people all around the boards were wondering if and when they will get together. And Iīm pretty sure now when Paul is dead and nothing hinted in that casting call never happened.
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